e-mail :
facebook : syauqy nurul aziz
twitter : @syauqy
yahoo! : electricalchimpanzee
skype : grandtheftauticed



§ 2 Responses to Contact

  • Rookwings says:

    I just have to say thank you so much for a truly beautiful game.
    I only just found it on
    I was so impressed I left a message on the 7dfps site, too.
    If I had my way you would have been absolute favourite of the challenge.

    • thank you very much for playing Robota, and I am so appreciate if you have to spent your time for playing it. I hope you can share about it, make a review or gameplay video and share it to people around you or over the internet. I’m so sorry if the game still on 0.7.5 version and still have a lot of bugs, I hope I can develop it again after my college midterm exam, thank you,
      greetings from Indonesia 🙂

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