Best Grand Theft Auto Protagonists

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Ketika mendengar kata GTA, pikiran anda pasti akan langsung tertuju pada salah satu nama game consolo terbesar di dunia. Ya, Grand Theft Auto menjadi sangat famous ketika mereka meluncurkan sekuelnya yang bertitel Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (meskipun saya sudah tau dan telah memainkan beberapa sekuel sebelumnya). Tiap sekuel dari GTA ini, memiliki tokog protagonis/lakon yang perannya tidak bisa di jauhkan dari game ini. Saya telah membuat daftar urutan lakon – lakon di setiap sekuel GTA, dimana daftar ini diurutkan berdasarkan peran dia dan tingkat ke-famousannya. Berikut adalah daftar daftar lakon di game “Grand Theft Auto” (menurut versi saya):

1) Carl "C.J." Johnson (San Andreas)

Carl "CJ" Johnson (born 1968) is a fictional character in the Grand Theft Auto video game series, serving as the protagonist, anti-hero/hero and player-controlled character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He was voiced by Young Maylay.

CJ is co-leader of the "Grove Street Families" (GSF), along with his brother, Sean "Sweet" Johnson. Sweet suggested that CJ was born in the Johnson House, a two floor home in Grove Street, a cul-de-sac in Ganton, Los Santos, which was owned by the Johnson family matriarch, Beverly Johnson. Following her death, Carl uses it as his first private residence. Carl is the second child of Beverly Johnson. Her four children in birth order are Sean, Carl, Kendl, and Brian.

 2) Tommy Vercetti (Vice City)

Tommy Vercetti (born 1951) is the protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Prior to events in Vice City, Vercetti had previously worked as a member of the Forelli family of the Liberty City Mafia. In 1971, he was sent by Sonny Forelli to kill a man in the Harwood District, but as he arrived 11 men ambushed him. Vercetti was forced to kill them all, resulting in a 15-year prison sentence for multiple counts of homicide. He also earned the title "Harwood Butcher".

Fresh out of prison in 1986, Vercetti (at the age of 35) is keen to start work again for the Forelli family, and is immediately dispatched by Don Sonny Forelli to Vice City to participate in a crucial introductory drug deal. When an ambush of the deal by a group of masked assailants results in Vercetti losing both the money and the drugs, he sets out to find and kill the party responsible. In doing so, he takes complete control of the city, becoming one of Vice City’s richest and most powerful men and becoming the leader of the extremely powerful Vercetti Gang. Sonny Forelli, however, continually demands his cut of the substantial profits, leading him to confront Vercetti in person. After it emerges that Vercetti’s original 1971 capture was orchestrated by Sonny himself, Vercetti kills Forelli and countless Forelli family members in his mansion, and emerges triumphant as the leader of an organization in total domination of Vice City. He used his power to kill a couple of the people he worked for, such as Ricardo Diaz. Vercetti also had a business relationship with other gangs such as the Cubans, the Haitians, and big Mitch Baker’s Bikers. He owns many assets in Vice City some include; Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, Sunshine autos and many others.

Tommy Vercetti is voiced by Ray Liotta.

 3) Claude Speed (GTA III)

Claude Speed is the silent protagonist and player character of Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III). He is left for dead after a bank heist with Catalina, resulting in his arrest by the police. Claude later escapes with 8-Ball when the Callahan Bridge is blown up.

Claude’s name is never disclosed in the game. Although his name can be found deep within GTA III’s data files, it is not officially mentioned until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Throughout the game, Claude is speechless (only making quiet sounds if he is injured or killed), and remained so during his brief cameo in San Andreas. This trait is referenced in GTA III, when Maria says on the Chatterbox radio show that she has a new man but "he don’t talk too much."

 4) Niko Bellic (GTA IV)

Niko Bellić (born 1978) (Serbian) is the main protagonist and playable character in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a 30-year-old former soldier who moved to Liberty City to escape his troubled past and pursue the "American Dream". Niko was persuaded to move by his cousin Roman, who claimed to be living a life of luxury, with beautiful women, sports cars and lots of money. It soon becomes apparent, however, that he runs a failing taxi business, has mounting debts and various criminals from Liberty City’s underworld have put a price on his head. Aware of Niko’s violent past, Roman had lied to convince his cousin to move to the city, knowing that Niko would fight against his pursuers, and eventually be the one to turn his lies into a reality. (It is also stated that Roman is motivated partially by desire to see his cousin again.) Niko, however, also has other, underlying motivations for moving to Liberty City, which are revealed as the story unfolds.

 5) Johnny Klebitz (GTA IV)

Jonathan "Johnny" Klebitz (1974-) is the main protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, the first of two downloadable episodic packs for the game.

Johnny is the 34-year-old Vice President of The Lost biker gang. Up until the start of the story, Johnny has been leading the gang in the absence of the gang’s President, Billy Grey. Johnny first meets Niko after they are entrusted to watch over a heroin deal for Elizabeta and Playboy X. The deal turns out to be an LCPD sting, and Johnny disappears during the ensuing gunfight. He later reappears to assist Niko with a Conflict diamonds deal with Isaac Roth, on behalf of Ray Boccino. The deal is ambushed by members of the Ancelotti crime family, and Johnny escapes with two million dollars in cash. Niko is later sent to find and eliminate his friend.

After Niko successfully kills Jim, a close friend of Johnny’s, The Lost begins to break up, with Billy threatening to shed light on the dealings of The Lost to get into a witness protection program. With the help of information from Thomas Stubbs, and the assistance of The Lost, Johnny kills Billy. Once the deed was done Johnny, Angus, Clay, and Terry, the only remaining members of The Lost, burn down their clubhouse. During a phone conversation with Angus, Johnny says he will sever all ties with The Lost, leave Ashley and promises to financially aid Jim’s family.

In The Lost and Damned, it is revealed that Johnny is Jewish, and he was also responsible for kidnapping Roman and giving him to Dimitri Rascalov in order to pay off a debt that his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Butler, had with the Russian Mafia. It is also revealed through e-mail that Johnny has an older brother named Michael, who is five years older than him and in the US Army, stationed somewhere in the Middle East.

In The Ballad Of Gay Tony he ambushes Luis and Gay Tony buying diamonds, is seen at the diamond deal with Niko Bellic and in a cameo rides by in the opening cutscene.

Dan Houser describes Johnny to be "a very different character than Niko, with a very different background." He also appears in the main loading screen.

Johnny Klebitz is voiced by Scott Hill.

 6) Luis Lopez (GTA IV)

Luis Fernando Lopez (1983-) is the main protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, the second and final downloadable episodic pack for the game.

Luis is the 25-year old dominican bodyguard and business associate of Tony Prince. He is of Dominican-American descent. He went to juvenile hall for shooting a teacher who felt up his sister. It is revealed that he did a stint in prison as a result of a crime committed with Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas (neither of whom were caught). It was said by Henrique and Armando that Luis was much more slim before he went to prison. When released from prison, he was taken under the wing of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, who gave him a job as a bodyguard and manager at his clubs. This has caused him to lose a small amount of respect with his old neighborhood, who view him as somewhat of a downtown yuppie. He has a brother (who condemns him for his extravagant lifestyle) and sister, both of whom are successful working class citizens that live in the suburbs. Luis came to view "Gay Tony" as a father figure, as his real father abandoned him and his family when he was young. Because of his job as a high-profile nightclub bouncer, Luis is a well known ladies’ man, having casual sex and long-term relationships with many women.

Luis Lopez is voiced by Mario D’Leon.

 7) Victor Vance (Vice City Stories)

Victor (Vic) Vance is the main and the playable character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Vic’s father is from Dominican Republic and his mother is American. Vic is the younger brother of Lance Vance and Pete Vance, son of Janet Vance and Mr. Vance, and is the head of the Vance Crime Family.

Victor Vance is shot to death during the drug deal at the start of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This was confirmed by Rockstar Games.

 8.) Toni Cipriani (Liberty City Stories)

Antonio "Toni" Cipriani is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto III and the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is a made man in the Leone Family, having risen through the ranks in 1998, and helps run Momma’s Restaurante with his mother in Saint Mark’s. Michael Madsen voices Toni Cipriani in GTA III, having also appeared in Reservoir Dogs, whilst Daniel Mastrogiorgio voices him in GTA Liberty City Stories, having also appeared in The Lost Don.

 9) Huang Lee (Chinatown Wars)

Huang Lee is the protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

A spoiled rich kid from Hong Kong, Huang owes his status as a Triad member to his father, a Triad boss from Kowloon. After the murder of his father, his uncle, Wu Lee to deliver a family ‘heirloom’, the Yu Jian Sword, to secure his family’s claim to the leadership of the Triad gangs, calls Huang to Liberty City. However, what was supposed to be a weekend of table service and strippers turns into a dangerous adventure after arriving at Francis International Airport only to be hijacked, robbed of his sword, and left for dead. Huang dug deep into the rotten core of Liberty City – and deep within himself — to avenge his father’s murder and reclaim his family’s honor.


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